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Children at the wedding

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Children at the wedding

28 of December 2017

One of the most important decisions of the future Bride and Groom is the guest list, especially when it comes to inviting the youngest guests. However, it is difficult to imagine a wedding celebration without children so it is good to spend a moment to provide the youngest guests with attractions.

Certainly there will be some Couples who are against the presence of children in the most important day of their lives. They expect the bride's dress to be stained, busy waiters will be disturbed and above all the attention will be drawn to children and their stomping and whining will end up in a quick return home. However, I will try to present a few arguments for the fact that children are equally important guests whose presence does not have to cause any problems.

From the very beginning, the Young Couple should follow the rules of the savoir vivre and mark on the invitation that children are invited as well. From the first moments of the wedding, it is worth ensuring that the children have "special tasks". Sprinkling flowers before the bride, keeping a wedding dress, giving wedding rings, giving cones with petals to the rest of the guests or blowing soap bubbles before the Bride and Groom will make them feel important and appreciated by the tasks entrusted. The ceremony itself will also gain a light, joyful atmosphere. Should children, however, take part in the wedding party? Yes of course!

A separate, specially decorated, colourful corner where the children can play and eat will be appreciated by them. The owners of the restaurant are also happy to come up with a special menu, for example: mini pizzas, mini hamburgers, chicken nuggets, fish fingers, potato balls and fries - most adults would be tempted by these delicacies! The children's table can be decorated with colourful balloons, decorative drinking straws or fancy placemats. It will be a big surprise to replace the traditional tablecloth with paper puzzles or colouring books. Such a fabulous decoration even with the elegant interior design of the room will make children reluctant to leave the space reserved for them. Instead of sophisticated desserts it is worth choosing simple and easy to take in one hand sweets that pose a little risk of staining kids themselves and other guests. It is worth thinking about jellies, marshmallows, pretzels, chocolates in various shapes - most parents will understand the uniqueness of this evening and will allow their kids a bit of madness. Increasingly popular chocolate fountain with fresh fruit will make children go crazy. This option unfortunately destroys the lofty plans of keeping children's clothes clean until the end of the wedding, but it will bring the enormous fun and leave great memories of this simple attraction.

It is also important to provide games for children. Taking advantage of the spree, it is worth organizing a dance competition from which adults will certainly benefit as well. Children like to dress up and that can be used for a short fashion show or a photo session: e.g. "Back to the childhood" with huge boas, glasses, hats etc.. An interesting idea is also to buy disposable cameras. The kids will feel like real photographers and the Young Couple will gain unforgettable photos from a completely different perspective. Certainly, do not forget about children's coloured pencils and colour pages. We can ask them to draw the Young Couple together or prepare another artistic work. Special boxes filled with all kinds of crayons, stickers, coloring pages and crosswords can be a wonderful a thank you for coming gift for children. If the weather and the surroundings of the premises allow it, we will prepare outdoor games for children. It will be a nice escape from noise and the wedding hall filled with dancing guests. However, do not forget that despite numerous attractions, children should always be supervised by an adult. That is why the presence of an animator is becoming more and more popular. A professional animator will take care of the children and make sure that they do not run out of attractions throughout the night. At our hotel, we often organize a children's play area with an experienced person who will take care of many attractions for children so that they do not want to leave the wedding hall to early. The price of this solution is about PLN 120-150 per hour of the animator's work (including preparation and entire equipment of the playground), which is a larger amount for a few hours, but thanks to this solution children will not be bored and guests-parents and the Young Couple will be able to fully focus on themselves and the celebration.

Children introduce a joyful atmosphere, creativity, unpredictability and will for dancing so it is difficult to imagine a wedding party without them. Providing children with attractions requires from the Young Couple a greater organizational effort but because of that the wedding takes the character of family fun. Dedicated work should pay off in the form of satisfied guests, parents, children and above all the Bride and Groom. The effects will also be visible on films and commemorative photographs.

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