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Jakie miejsca warto odwiedzić w Krakowie?

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Jakie miejsca warto odwiedzić w Krakowie?

25 of July 2019
What places are worth visiting in Krakow?      Last year, Krakow recorded a record high number of tourists - over 13 million, including over 3 million guests from abroad. The unique atmosphere of the medieval city, lots of attractions for visitors and a great accommodation base are just some of the advantages of this charming place. With Krakow in mind, very often unique items come to the fore first, which you simply have to see when visiting the capital of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. Below are some suggestions that you can and even must visit while in Krakow.  
Wawel Hill     The heart of the city today beats around the Main Square, but in the past it was beating on the Wawel Hill. Rising in the middle of the city just off the Vistula River, it was the former center of power both for the legendary (connected with the founder of the stronghold Krak and his successors) as well as for the historical - princely, episcopal and finally royal. Visiting the complex of castle and sacred buildings located on this hill is a must on every trip. It is here that according to legend, a dragon lived, which the most distinguished warriors could not cope with, and he was defeated by a smart shoemaker. The Dragon's Cave at the foot of the Wawel Castle and the beast statue in front of it reminds visitors of this legend. When the Polish state did not yet formally exist, it was here that the first permanent buildings stood and served the rulers of the Vistula tribe. After the incorporation of Kraków and Lesser Poland into the Piast state, Wawel remained the center of secular and church power. The rich history of this place and the unique heritage of Poland and Poles attracts tourists of all ages every year. Permanent exhibitions open to visitors throughout the year in the secular building complex include: Representative Royal Chambers, Private Royal Apartments, Crown Treasury and Armory, Lost Wawel and Oriental Art. In turn, the Wawel Cathedral is part of the sacred part of the hill - there, in turn, you can admire the tomb of Saint Stanislaus (one of the patrons of Poland), Royal Tombs and the bell of Sigismund ringing during important celebrations and occasions. The Wawel Hill and historical and cultural monuments there are a real treat for all lovers of Polish history.     Old Town     Right after Wawel, the Old Town should be a must-see on the Krakow route. The Museum in the Sukiennice, the Underground Market, St. Mary's Church with the impressive altar of Veit Stoss, are just some of the attractions that are worth visiting while on the Market Square. A wide gastronomic base creates a unique opportunity to eat a delicious meal, drink coffee surrounded by medieval buildings, with the bugle call from the tower of St. Mary's Church every hour. This part of Krakow is teeming with life also at night, which is undoubtedly due to the thriving clubs located around the Market Square. Everyone will find something for themselves in this city!     Monuments of religious architecture     As befits a medieval city, Krakow tourism is largely focused on sacred buildings. Next to the Wawel Cathedral and St. Mary's Church, the Dominican Church with crypts hiding many secrets deserves special mention, the Franciscan Church with beautiful stained glass windows and a vivid nativity scene in winter, the Church of Saints Piotr and Paweł with the preacher Piotr Skarga resting in his crypt or the Basilica of Saint Florian with the relics of Saint Valentine. For all tourists seeking spiritual relief, the travel plan should also include time to visit the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in Krakow-Łagiewniki and the Sanctuary of Saint John Paul II.     Museums     Krakow is one of the cities that boasts an impressive number of museums and museum facilities, where enthusiasts of art, culture and history in the broad sense will take their steps. The Museum of the Czartoryski Princes, the Palace of Bishop Erazm Ciołek, the Palace of Krzysztofory, the Old Synagogue, the Home Army Museum, the Schindler Factory, the Jagiellonian University Museum, Collegium Maius University, the Archaeological Museum, the Polish Aviation Museum are just a few selected outlets from a large list available to visitors, where you can admire the unique exhibitions and unique souvenirs from distant centuries. Visiting museums in the company of a guide is also a great opportunity and opportunity to understand the city itself and to learn about its history, in a slightly more interesting form than viewing textbooks.     Right next to Krakow     When deciding to stay in Krakow, we are not only condemned to be in the very center of it. Great transport connections - including the proximity of the airport and the railway station - creates the opportunity to organize trips outside the capital of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. In the immediate vicinity it is worth going to the Salt Mine in Wieliczka, which is on the national list of monuments. History enthusiasts will certainly take their steps towards Auschwitz - a concentration camp from World War II. In turn, those who would like to breathe the mountain air can take a train to Zakopane on a full-day trip and return to Krakow on the same day. A one-way trip takes just over 2 hours. If there is a lack of ideas for an interesting way to spend time in Krakow and its surroundings, tourist offices offering interesting attractions and comprehensive care for tourists from around the world will help. The unique atmosphere of the medieval city, beautiful surroundings and unique architecture, as well as a multitude of available n

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