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Plan for the weekend in Krakow

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Plan for the weekend in Krakow

22 of November 2019

Planning days off from work is one of the activities that allows us to break away from sometimes very tiring everyday life. More and more people are choosing short, but intensive tours combined with sightseeing, limited to just a few weekend days. Leading an intensive lifestyle, having a lot of professional, parental or educational duties, these two or three days ending the week are the only chance for some interesting trip, a trip to another city, or organizing a party (for example on a hen and stag party) outside the place of residence . Among the available destinations, it is the weekend in Krakow that looks extremely interesting.

One of the most visited cities in Poland

    For many years, Krakow has been in the forefront of the most visited cities in Europe. Millions of tourists from around the world decide to visit its walls at any time of the year. This amazing medieval city boasts a unique aura and atmosphere that can be felt at every step. Beautiful and rich history, indisputable charm and unique monuments are just some of the elements that distinguish Krakow from other cities in Poland, but certainly even for them it is worth planning and experiencing an unforgettable weekend in Krakow.


Cracow charm

    The beauty of Krakow is something that definitely distinguishes it from other cities in Poland and in the world. But its beauty is not only neat and clean streets around the Main Square, Old Town and other districts, but also a specific atmosphere, the spirit of the medieval city, as well as an amazing history that can be seen and can be seen on almost every corner of the city. Well-preserved and renovated monuments with the Wawel Royal Castle and the Wawel Cathedral at the head, with the Cloth Hall, St. Mary's Church, the former Jewish district in Kazimierz and many more, encourage you to visit and learn their amazing history. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle that is characteristic of every large city, just go for a walk to the Vistula River, where right on its banks, watching the river current, you can relax for a moment in the bosom of nature. A weekend in Krakow is a great opportunity not only to relax in the medieval capital of Poland, but also a great form of entertainment.


A vibrant city

It cannot be denied that the heart of Krakow beats at Wawel - this is a fact that will be confirmed by all the Cracovians. However, the vast majority of both residents and visitors devote their evening and night time to attractions and entertainment located within the Market Square itself - in pubs, restaurants, pubs and clubs with a variety of music, where everyone will find something for themselves. Therefore, it is not surprising to see families walking with children in the glow of the setting sun, smaller and larger groups of students and travelers resting in restaurant gardens, couples and singles waiting for their companions in characteristic meeting places, as well as individual tourists admiring the surrounding views with delight.

During the day galleries, museums and buildings with cultural and art monuments remain open to all interested, which are an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the history of our country, though to a small extent. Various concerts, high-profile cultural events, various sporting events and competitions, congresses and conferences attract the city's biggest stars, significant names and exceptional artists. It's a city where something happens every day, there are plenty of attractions and entertainment. You can choose among them freely and choose what suits you best, and spending the weekend in Krakow you will certainly not complain of boredom.


The beginning of a longer adventure

In recent years, the possibility of organizing a party or a bachelorette party and stag party while spending the weekend in Krakow enjoys great popularity. This applies to both domestic and foreign tourists - it is to this occasion that Krakow is eagerly visited by, among others, the British. Lovers of good music also come to the capital of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship for concerts organized in the city, often extending their stay by several days. It may seem that a weekend in Krakow is definitely not enough to get to know, appreciate and take advantage of the attractions of this amazing place. But maybe this is just the beginning of a long adventure with this city?

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