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Unforgettable holidays in Krakow

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Unforgettable holidays in Krakow

13 of December 2019

An unlucky break in education and a well-deserved break from school duties are the perfect time to organize a family trip. When there is not enough time in everyday bustle to just stay and enjoy one another's company, these two weeks off will help make up for lost time and strengthen family ties. The capital of the Lesser Poland Voivodship greets and attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year, especially in the spring and summer. If you want to relax from the crowds and get to know this unique city better, it's worth spending the holidays in Krakow.

A vibrant city

Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland and Europe. Every year, millions of tourists visit it and I'm still at the forefront of the most visited places in the country. Many high school graduates associate with him their future by deciding to study at Kraków's universities and very often stay here. Almost every weekend, when the weather is good, in its very center and characteristic points you can meet walking families with children, smaller and larger groups thirsty for entertainment and lonely wanderers, admiring the views around. This city lives and invites all visitors who want to spend time in a unique city with a unique and rich history to its age walls. Holidays in Krakow are a great idea not only for larger and organized groups, but also for traveling families with children hungry for attractions and entertainment.


Many attractions and entertainment at your fingertips

Like any large city in Poland, Krakow has a pretty large list of attractions and entertainment that you would not regret using in your free time, and the proximity of the Krakow-Balice Airport and the Main Railway Station located next to the Market Square make it an ideal place for traveling not only without a car. Holidays in Krakow are above all the availability of almost at your fingertips a variety of attractions adapted to your age, needs and rest opportunities, without wasting time standing in traffic jams. Contrary to appearances, visiting architectural monuments - including the Wawel Royal Castle - churches, museums and galleries - are just some of the suggestions. Cinema, theater, workshops, art and sports classes, museum lessons, water park and open ice rinks - these are just a fraction prepared especially for students resting from school and more. Just add to it current sporting events, or planned concerts and cultural events, and we are getting quite a large list. Every year, various establishments in the city present an offer regarding the possibility of spending free time, which is why holidays in Krakow will certainly not be boring!


Comfortable rest in the Witek Hotel for travelers

Anchor When deciding to spend the winter holidays in Krakow, it is necessary to find the right accommodation. For all guests who value peace, comfort and comfortable rest away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we invite you to our Witek Hotel and Conference Center. Located in close proximity to the Krakow-Balice airport and exit routes from the city, it is an ideal solution for travelers even from the most distant Polish cities. Holidays in Krakow spent within the walls of our hotel guarantee a successful holiday close to the city center and the availability of attractions at your fingertips.

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