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April and wedding at the Witek Hotel

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April and wedding at the Witek Hotel

08 of January 2020

April is a great month for organizing weddings and wedding receptions. It is said about him that he intertwines winter with summer, but it is impossible to disagree with it - it is not clear until the last moment whether it will bring spring or whether winter will again make itself felt and will freeze the earth a bit.

However, this month is actually a vestibule for the wedding season, the last moment to take advantage of a bit more freedom in the form of choosing dates and potential service providers. The April wedding is still an interesting option not only for devoted admirers of this particular month, but also for the extremely fragrant season of the spring.
    Contrary to all appearances and superstitions associated with the fourth month of the year, his capricious aura and the like, he is not the rainiest month in Poland. Many a young couple, when they find out that just July wins in this matter with the others, does not hide their surprise. Potential rain or capricious aura varying between winter and spring, therefore, should not be a decisive factor - in an age of constant climate change, any weather anomalies can also occur throughout the year. So why is the April wedding an idea worth considering for all brides planning a marriage? It's about the smell! It is a real feast for the senses (and more specifically, for smells) when, after taking a deep breath, you can smell the smell of flowers, bushes, trees, flowering and waking up to life after winter, as well as a nice and healthier variety for smog prevailing in many cities in the country. Unusual aromas and a multitude of flowers available on stock exchanges allow you to pick and compose unusual decorations from your favorite plants and flowers, which are hard to find in other months. For fans of floristic art, this is an extremely important argument - there is plenty to choose from!
    The April wedding, although out of the "official" wedding season (contractually from May to October), can actually open the family wedding season. Certainly, many of your relatives and friends have been eagerly anticipating the date of the party, they are hungry for entertainment, rested and willing to have fun. It cannot be denied that as time passes, the more weddings we leave behind, the less we look forward to the next ones. It is said that the appetite increases as you eat, but in this case it seems to be the opposite. Therefore, if you dream of an unforgettable party in a unique atmosphere and a beautiful place with professional and experienced service, we invite you to our Witek Hotel and Conference Center. Great fun awaits you until dawn!
If you are interested in organizing a wedding party at the Witek Hotel, below are the available dates:

Handlowców 14
32-085 Modlniczka, Kraków, PL

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