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February and wedding at the Witek Hotel

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February and wedding at the Witek Hotel

25 of January 2020

When the relationship of two people is to go to a "higher level" and both parties agree that it is the one or the only, after the adoption of the proposal begins the stage of planning the wedding and reception. However, for many couples, the issue of choosing the date of the event itself can be a challenge.

It should not surprise anyone that in the middle of the wedding season finding even one free day during the weekend (and sometimes also in the week) borders on a miracle ... For many brides, it is not the months associated with the summer and the hot sun that determine the date of the wedding, but one from holidays, which is connected with love - Valentine's Day. The feast of lovers in February, which came to us from overseas, is reason enough for a wedding in February.
    Feast of lovers falling on February 14 is for many loving couples the perfect date to start a new, common stage in life. However, many newlyweds decide to get married in February not only because of the holiday this month, but also the ongoing carnival. Having fun at a February party, you can combine two occasions - celebrate the coming of the new year and toast to the young couple partying until dawn. At the end of the month, there are also remnants. By choosing this date for your wedding and reception you can also solve several dilemmas - family members or friends no longer have to wonder where and how they will spend the last day of the carnival.
    February and weddings are not impossible at all. Winter charm, almost fairy-tale landscapes and crackling snow under the boots has their admirers and devoted fans. When deciding to organize a wedding reception in February, you have to take into account that it will be rather cold, so you should remember about additional, warm clothing for the time spent outside or in the cold church walls. You do not have to worry about dishes and desserts that do not like heat and summer heat. In addition to the greater availability of dates for this month mentioned in the introduction, it is worth considering a number of winter promotions and opportunities offered by service providers for couples wishing to organize a wedding in February. It is no secret that it is the economic aspect that for many couples is decisive, or one of the most important arguments regarding the organization and planning of a wedding in a given place.
In our Hotel Witek, we care not only about the proper setting for each celebration, but also the highest quality service and professional advice at every stage of party planning. We remain open to all suggestions of our guests, serving the help of the bride and groom, making every effort to make this special day spent within the walls of the hotel leave beautiful memories for many years. A February wedding is a great combination for all future Honeymooners who also simply like winter in the world and this unique atmosphere. If you want to organize an unforgettable wedding reception at the Witek Hotel, below are the available dates:

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32-085 Modlniczka, Kraków, PL

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